Frances CauseyProducer, Director, Writer Frances Causey is a journalist and documentary filmmaker who began her career with CNN where she was a Senior Producer for fourteen years. At CNN, Ms. Causey was a member of a team honored with News and Documentary Emmys for their coverage of the Oklahoma City and Olympic Park Bombings. Ms. Causey has produced several feature length documentaries including her latest documentary feature The Long Shadow. In The Long Shadow, Ms. Causey, a daughter of the South, explores the reasons behind the continuing racial divisions in the United States, discovering to her great surprise that the politics and impact of slavery didn’t end with the Civil War. Artifacts of slavery-racist laws, policies and politics-have and continue to rig the game against African-Americans while amplifying and extending the power and privilege of being white in America. Slavery has and continues to cast a long shadow on America’s democracy. Ms. Causey’s last feature documentary film, Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?, was released in 2012 to wide acclaim and was a New York Times Critic’s Pick. Heist won the prestigious Silver Chris Award for Social Issue Documentary at North America's oldest film festival, The Columbus International Film and Video Festival. In 2012, Ms. Causey was honored with the Women's International Film and Television Jury Award for her work on Heist. Frances is a blogger for Huffington Post and a Board Member for the Arizona Center for Investigative Journalism.


Sally HolstProducer Sally Holst, in addition to producing The Long Shadow, was the Executive Producer of Heist: Who Stole the American Dream which was a 2012 NY TIMES Critic’s Pick. Sally and “Shadow" Director Frances Causey have collaborated on previous film projects including their immigration documentary Papers, please! which triggered the idea for Heist. As a CNN Contributor, Sally's credits include Hurricane Katrina and "Heroin Addicts In Their Own Words". Her "Hannah's Heart" foundation provides much needed natural disaster relief to hundreds of people across the United States each year. Sally is also a gifted photographer whose work has received widespread acclaim, appearing in selected exhibitions, galleries and private collections across the United States.


Maureen GoslingEditor and Co-Creator Maureen Gosling, a filmmaker for more than 40 years, has worked as a director, producer, editor, sound recordist and distributor. Gosling produced and directed, with Chris Simon, the feature documentary This Ain't No Mouse Music, on the life of American roots music record producer, Chris Strachwitz. Gosling directed, produced and edited Blossoms of Fire, feature-length, on the Zapotecs of Oaxaca, Mexico. Gosling is best known for her 20-year collaboration, as co-filmmaker, editor and sound recordist, with the late director Les Blank on more than two-dozen documentaries. Their best-known film is the British Academy Award winning “making of” classic, Burden of Dreams, on Werner Herzog’s filming of Fitzcarraldo in the Peruvian Amazon. Gosling is also a sought-after editor. Her current projects as editor include: A Dangerous Idea directed by Stephanie Welch; The Long Shadow, directed by Frances Causey. She is also co-filmmaker with Maxine Downs on Bamako Chic: Threads of Power, Color and Culture.


Jed RiffeProducer Jed Riffe is an award winning film director, producer and transmedia storyteller. Over the last twenty-five years Riffe produced a successfully released theatrical documentary, ten nationally broadcast public television specials including a four-hour TV series and four major interactive media programs. He is best known as the producer and director of the award-winning films Ishi, the Last Yahi, the true story of the man known as the Last Wild Indian in North America; Who Owns the Past?, the American Indian struggle for control of their ancestral remains; California’s ‘Lost’ Tribes which examines the impact of Indian gaming on Native Americans and their non-Indian neighbors and Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana, Medicine and the Law, the first documentary on the efficacy of medicinal cannabis. He and his company Jed Riffe Films + Electronic Media produced two of the four hour-long programs in the nationally broadcast California and the American Dream series including the award-winning films Ripe for Change and California’s ‘Lost’ Tribes. Most recently, Riffe executive produced director Mo Morris’ A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone; director Emiko Omori’s To Chris Marker, An Unsent Letter; director Luke Griswold-Tergis’s Smokin’ Fish; director Stephanie Welch’s A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and The American Dream and is currently completing producing and post-production supervising on director Frances Causey’s feature length documentary The Long Shadow on the legacy of slavery.


Cal Turner IVExecutive Producer and Co-Producer Cal Turner IV is a Kentucky native whose family started the Dollar General discount retail stores in 1939. Cal built a career in the music publishing industry from 1998 to 2013, when he decided to focus on his passion for filmmaking. Cal is also EP/Co-Producer of the groundbreaking mental health feature documentary, Is Your Story Making You Sick?, Co-Produced with Causey, Mark Pirtle, and Jennifer Turner. The film will be released in 2018. A screen adaptation of John Grisham's The Testament is in production with Cal’s partners Mark Johnson of Gran Via Productions and Eric Geadelmann, Cal’s partner at Crowfly Picture Studios. Crowfly is in production with They Called Us Outlaws, a documentary series on the Austin music scene and KOCH FM in the 1970's, a co-venture with the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. A complimentary exhibit is set for unveiling in the spring of 2018 at the museum. A devout Orthodox Christian, Cal enjoys spending his free time doing just about anything in the great outdoors with his beloved wife Jennifer and three teenaged sons.


Donald GoldmacherCo-Producer Donald Goldmacher is a longtime filmmaker, social justice activist, and community psychiatrist with decades of experience observing, documenting and participating in social change. Donald co-produced and co-directed Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? In his first film, Do No Harm, he was a gadfly to the medical industrial complex and dared to investigate and expose the controversial marketing and research practices of the pharmaceutical industry. His 2001 documentary Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House, about two lesbian activists in New York City, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, won over 20 festival awards, and aired on HBO and television stations around the world.


Rogelio GarciaDirector of Photography Rogelio Garcia, brings a wealth of experience and creativity to The Long Shadow. Rogelio and Frances, longtime collaborators, worked together on Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? The idea for Heist came from their experience of being embedded in a human smuggling operation on the Arizona border. As a broadcast news photographer, Rogelio won multiple Associated Press Awards for Videography and Editing and one Emmy nomination in 2002. Rogelio is a Broadcast Television Production Adjunct Professor in the Journalism school at the University of Arizona.


Maria JudiceImpact Producer Maria Judice has fought for marginalized stories in film, TV and digital for over a decade. At her core she is a storyteller and lover of the written word. A CalArts alumna, Maria received her M.F.A. in Film/Video. Palm Trees won the Adrienne Shelly Award for excellence in directing and aired on BET's Lens on Talent. Awards for best narrative film (Moonless) and screenplay (Orbiters) were also garnered. On the board of Bay Area Women in Film and Media, she works with within the film community to advance opportunities, curate platforms and connect artists/filmmakers for women-centered content. As program director of MATATU Festival of Stories, she leads a team that creates conversations and expands audiences around undistributed films of the African diaspora. Working as an Impact Producer she has brought social campaigns and outreach to films including The Last Black Man in San Francisco; A Girl Like Grace; Heist; The Long Shadow and Co-Produced Dreamstates with Anisia Uzeyman featuring Saul Williams.