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Stream the film on this link through Sunday, June 21st and join the live Q&A on Juneteenth. 

The Long Shadow film

Tucson filmmaker, Frances Causey, created and directed a powerful hour-long documentary, called The Long Shadow. As a white woman, Frances bravely explores her family lineage and connection to slavery. The film adeptly reveals the history of legalized slavery in the US over the last 400 years. If you are white, Frances' story is YOUR story. I challenge every white person to dedicate 60 minutes to watching this and then watching it again and then watching a third time. We have an obligation to understand how we have been brainwashed and trained to systemic racism in such a way that we don't even recognize it when it's a part of our everyday existence.

-Kathleen Dreier, Professional Photographer

Watch The Long Shadow (PBS Version)

Join the live Q&A with Director Frances Causey on Juneteenth, Friday, June 19th at 6pm PST