Take Action

Take action with the 15-minute version of The Long Shadow.

Witness the impact of white supremacy from America’s history to today in this short version of the PBS documentary.

Use this short film and Community Action Guide to educate yourself and start creating meaningful change in your community.

  • Host a watch party by sharing this page with family and friends
  • Download our free Community Action Guide PDF to start the conversation in your community

Thank you so much for watching and sharing The Long Shadow. You are part of a community helping to spread the message that the work of equity and equality must fall in the hands of white Americans. We’re honored that the film is educating & guiding so many about what it takes to make an important change to the way that white Americans view their role in racial justice work. We know that  the story of slavery and Jim Crow is an American story and is not one that the African-American community is responsible for repairing.

Frances Causey, Director

Watch the 15-minute version of The Long Shadow

Take Action.

Download our free PDF resource to learn how to share the film with your community and get helpful tips for starting a meaningful conversation.

It’s an honor to see and know what my ancestors went through, what we as a people are still going through, is not advocated, nor approved, nor accepted by ones that are like you. 

Martha D. Goodman

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